Maple Starts Fresh

Thirteen year old Maple is planning on a fresh start when they begin their freshman year as openly trans and nonbinary, but it seems like the world of Rosewood High School is out to get them. There’s gossiping classmates, bullies, and gym locker rooms, and they can’t even use the bathroom in peace! Things couldn’t possibly get any worse, except for Rosewood High’s annual “Boys vs Girls” homecoming tradition. Maple and their friends must take a stand or be forced into the gender binary!

Coloring help by Miranda Schneider

Sleep Late

What happens after the end of the world? Life goes on for all the rats, bugs, and other creatures human beings left behind. Sleep Late follows Nina, a rat and her two dads in a house abandoned by its human occupants.

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Alligator Dog

ALLIGATOR DOG is an experiment by rogue mad scientist DR. GUTIERREZ soridinally created to serve as the perfect duard animal. with the combined loyalty of a canine and powerful bite force of a crocodilian he could be, but there's one small problem.. he's a comolete COWARD.

Sample pages from minicomic 
ALLIGATOR DOG is on the Case!

Loud House and Casagrandes Comics

Sample comics pages are from The Loud House Back to School Special and Casagrandes #4 published by Papercutz.